Rad Profs (non-comprehensive)

A note on faculty labor: when looking to professors for potential independent studies, advising, letters of recommendation, remember that visiting and non-tenured professors have other responsibilities and labor, as they either apply for tenure or look for other jobs. 

A note on Course Response Forms: CRFs remain permanently in faculty files and are used in the tenure/hiring process. They are also a place where our conscious and unconscious biases often come out, and in this way disproportionately negatively affect professors who are new, people of color, women or feminine-identifying, or generally part of demographics excluded from academia. If you have feedback for a professor, there are a lot other less harmful ways and more productive ways to communicate it to them. 

If you’re interested in…

Social Movements/Theory: Linus Owens, Dan Suarez, Jamie McCallum, Lana Povitz, Carly Thomsen

Transnational Feminism: Sujata Moorti, Hemangini Gupta, Dima Ayoub

Sexual Violence and Sexual Politics: Sujata Moorti, Carly Thomsen, Hemangini Gupta, Laurie Essig, Susan Burch, Kevin Moss, Lana Povitz

Punishment/Drug Policy: Rebecca Tiger

Critical Disability Studies: Susan Burch, Tara Affolter, Jonathan Miller-Lane, Lida Winfeld, Eli Clare (J-Term)

Inclusive Education/Ed. Policy: Tara Affolter, Trinh Tran, Eleni Schirmer (J-Term)

Critical Race Theory: Sujata Moorti, J Finley, Linus Owens, Carly Thomsen, Kevin Moss, Daniel Silva

Queer Studies: Carly Thomsen, Laurie Essig

Radical Geographies: Guntram Herb

East Asian History/Social Theory: Max Ward

Decolonization/Postcolonial Studies: Daniel Silva, Sujata Moorti, Dima Ayoub, Linsey Sainte-Claire (French Department)

U.S. Political History: Lana Povitz, Joyce Mao

Environment/Climate Change: Dan Suarez

Migration: Guntram Herb, Trinh Tran

Dance and Radical Performance: Lida Winfield

Art History: Eliza Garrison

History of Race in the U.S.: Bill Hart

Critical Food Studies: Lana Povitz, Febe Armanios

The Black Studies Dept. was recently formed—while the school has failed to hire any new faculty for this department, the professors teaching for the department are incredible and you should check it out.