Creative Student Projects


What Were “The Events of March 2nd?!”: This comic was created by Emma Ronai-Durning (Class of 2018.5) to give a comprehensive timeline and story of the events surrounding Charles Murray’s visit to campus on March 2, 2017.

Projects, Websites, Documentaries

Midd Moving Money: This project emerged out of an independent study by Edward O’Brien (Class of 2017) completed with Professor Carly Thomsen in the spring of 2017. Midd Moving Money describes itself as “a group of class-conscious activists who hope to facilitate the movement of money in an explicitly anti-racist, anti-classist, anti-homophobic, and anti-sexist way,” arguing that wealthy donors should not be able to dictate how wealth is spent. The site is a great resource for unpacking class, and the social implications of having wealth

Abroad at Home: Accounts of the Invisibilitya documentary by Timothy Garcia ’14 is a documentary about student experiences of race and class at Middlebury.

Inside Class: a documentary by Molly Stuart ’15 about the way that class operates at Middlebury.


Alternative Map of Middlebury: This map was created by Emily Sun (Class of 2018) for a class on Protest Histories.

The World According to Middlebury: This map was created by Erin Hoynes (Class of 2019) for a cartography class. It shows the world in varying states of opacity/transparency/invisibility according to the number of times each country is mentioned in the Middlebury course catalog.

Where Can Your Language Take You?: (coming soon) This map was created by Emma Brown (Class of 2021) for a cartography class. It shows the languages and study abroad options offered through Midd, as well as other data on the colonial legacies of abroad/language programs.

Global Citizenship: Locating Non-Local Events on Campus: This map was created by Rebecca Wishnie (Class of 2020) for a cartography class as an effort to unpack the relationship between local/global events and protest spaces on campus. (Cartographer’s note: this is an old version of the map which says it shows only “direct-action protests,” but it also includes other moments of protests and resistance besides direct actions.)

The World in the Stacks: Davis Family Library: This map was created by Rebecca Wishnie (Class of 2020) as part of summer research on university decolonization movements and shows the (lack of) geographic representation in the library’s history and literature offerings.


Wonderbread Zine: Wonderbread: White Students for Racial Justice created a Zine to explain what the club did. (Wonderbread was an informal student group that met from Spring 2016-Spring 2017, in an effort to educate and organize white students around anti-racism).

Fossil Fuel Divestment Zine: This Foldable Zine was created by Divest Middlebury in Fall 2015. A lot has happened since then—check out the Divest Middlebury Facebook page to learn what’s up now!

“Cumming Together, Cumming Apart”: A zine created by Morgan Grady-Benson, Aliza Cohen and Julia Hass (Class of 2017)for a Feminist Studies Course about events and effects of March 2, 2017 (Charles Murray’s talk).

Legutko zine: (coming soon) This zine was created by Cora Kircher (Class of 2020) for a class on women’s and feminist resistance. It explores the Legutko Protest and other events on campus in the spring of 2019.

Why a Feminist Politic of Reproduction Must be Rooted in Prison Industrial Complex Abolition: A zine created by Morgan Grady-Benson, Taylor Cook, and Aliza Cohen. It explores the necessary connections between reproductive justice and prison abolition.

A Guide to Queer World-Making: This zine was created by Sandra Ruiz in the spring of 2017 for Dr Thomsen’s Queering Food class. The zine discusses dominant food systems, alternative food movements, and food justice. Included are themes on food within porn, “political eating” at Middlebury College, WIC, food justice within Vermont’s dairy industry, and related memes.