Mental Health at Middlebury

Middlebury, like many other colleges around the US, has a mental health crisis. Over half of college students nationally rate their mental health as below average or poor, and over a third report prolonged periods of depression. We are overworked, exhausted, in a place that has an 8-month long winter, and for many of us, stifled in our identities and alienated from community. It is important to remember that the college can produce mental health struggles without taking responsibility for it–remember that if you are depressed, anxious, generally out of it, or suffering from any other mental issues, you are not alone. Over half of Middlebury students visit the counseling center at some point. Thankfully, Middlebury does provide free counseling services (to a limited number) at the Parton Health Center. Ask around for recommendations on who might be a good fit- there are just a few full time therapists there. The counseling center psychologists don’t prescribe medication, so if you’re looking for a psychiatrist, call Parton and they’ll refer you to the Addison County Counseling Center. If you need extensions on papers or assigments, your best bet is to ask professors directly, and talk to your dean if they are understanding. One awesome resource for radical mental health analysis is the Icarus Project- go on their website and check out some of their publications if you’re looking for ways to “navigate the space between brilliance and madness!”


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