Alternative Study Abroad Programs

Domestic programs

  • Union Semester: US labor history and organizing in New York City
  • Spelman College: Middlebury has an exchange program (meaning financial aid transfers) with Spelman, a HBCU (Historically Black College/University) for women in Atlanta, GA.
  • Washington Semester at American University, Transforming Communities: Potential option that deals with community organizing and how policies affect communities.  Apparently is a good fit for those interested in community organizing in DC
  • Hecua: Education for Social Justice in the Twin Cities

Public School: Some of us have also studied at public colleges such as City University of New York, and transferred credits back to Middlebury. This is not an exchange, but a “domestic study abroad” as Middlebury calls it.

International programs

The following are some suggestions for “alternative” study abroad programs, which more directly address the complicated situation we confront when we want to travel out of the U.S.:

  • Mexico Solidarity Network: A nonprofit organization that works directly with community organizations and unions in Mexico, including the Zapatistas. Students travel to and live in communities in Chiapas, Mexico City, Tlaxcala, and Ciudad Juarez.
  • Hecua: Education for Social Justice in Norway, New Zealand, Ecuador, and Ireland

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