Rad Classes (non-comprehensive)

Sociology of Punishment – Rebecca Tiger

Social Movements & Collective Actions – Linus Owens

Models of Inclusive Education – Tara Affolter

Feminist Theory – Sujata Moorti

Foundations in Women’s and Gender Studies – Sujata Moorti

Unruly Bodies: Black Womanhood in Popular Culture – J. Finley

Feminist Blogging – Laurie Essig

Sociology of Drugs – Rebecca Tiger

Gender and Sexuality in Media – Louisa Stein

Social Change: Theory and Practice – Jamie McCallum

Outlaw Women – Catherine Wright

Global Climate Change – staff

White People – Laurie Essig

Sociology of Education – Peggy Nelson

The Southwest Borderlands: Cultural Encounters in a Changing Environment – Mary Mendoza

The Civil Rights Revolution – J Ralph

Education in the USA – Tara Affolter

Sociology of Heterosexuality – Laurie Essig

Poverty, Inequality and Distributive Justice – P. Mathews

The Sophomore Seminar (What is the Good Life and How Do We Live it?) -Jonathan Miller-Lane

Also, be sure to take independent studies! Pitch an idea to a faculty member for something you want to learn, and spend the following semester doing that!


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