Welcome to the Middlebury Disorientation Guide!

NEW: Read this great op-ed published this Fall in the Campus “Environmentalism at Middlebury has roots in exclusion”

This site serves as a living hub for collective memory, passed down through generations of Midd activists. It is intended to be a resource for orienting, re-orienting, and disorienting ourselves within this institution. This is a place where the narratives erased by Midd’s idealized self-image can live; a place to contextualize and build upon histories of resistance, organizing, and change-making. This ever-evolving guide is a small effort to ask you to join us, or join with someone else, get creative, reject the secret frat, and if you feel like you have to sell your soul, don’t sell it to the wrong people.  If you want to get in touch, please contact disorientmidd@gmail.com.

In the press:

“This guide is the best thing since John Locke” — the Political Science department

“Disorient Midd turned me into a communist” — anonymous member of the Middlebury College Republicans

“I haven’t felt this alive since the last time I was caressed by the invisible hand of the free market” — ghost of Old Chapel

“Oh, you kids! This guide made us decide to turn Middlebury into a public, worker-owned collective! Bye bye endowment—will DM details later :]” – Unnamed Middlebury College President can’t tell you who XD